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Luv The Grub Chutney


Delicious and mighty, these beauties are food waste fighters and community connectors all in one delicious jar!


About the Brand

A few years ago, Alia Sunderji was teaching a sustainable innovation class at Simon Fraser University. One of her students was researching the issue of food waste, and shared that British Columbia throws away tons of fruit and vegetables for cosmetic reasons. Perfectly good produce was going to the landfill instead of to consumers because of a small bump or bruise.

Alia saw an opportunity to rescue this "ugly" produce and turn it into something delicious. Chutneys are a staple in her East African home, and it clicked: She would turn discarded produce into tasty, homemade chutneys.

Beyond reducing food waste, Alia wanted to do something for her community. Her mother came to Canada as a Ugandan refugee, and she knew the struggle most newcomers face. So, she decided to hire newcomer refugees to give them their first Canadian work experience and a new community at Luv the Grub.

And everyday, we come together as makers and community members to spread love and sustainable living through the tastiest chutneys and spreads.


Shipped & available for pick up from The Garden Strathcona in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All orders are packaged using recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials.