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Kaaj Artisian Chocolate


60% Dark Milk 

This bar is made of Seboruco cocoa beans, a highly aromatic Trinitario variety with high content of “Criollo” blood, from the south of Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela. Its smooth yet rich dairy flavor goes hand in hand with the nutty undernote of the beans.

Ingredients: Cocoa bean, Cocoa butter, Organic Cane sugar, Milk.

70% Dark Peru

From the valley of Santo Domingo, the cocoa beans used to make this bar showcase the exceptional terroir of Peruvian Amazonia. Peruvian cacao has a long and esteemed history of producing superior chocolate worldwide.

Ingredients: Cocoa bean, Cocoa butter, Organic Cane sugar.

77% Dark Rio

Trinitario cacao beans used in this bar come from Hacendia San Jose plantation, located in north eastern region of Rio Caribe, Venezuela. This region is home to Proyecto Paria Foundation, an NGO with mission to sustainable rural development and countless successful projects. Hacendia San Jose has been a core part of the foundation and impacted local cocoa industry vastly.

Ingredients: Cocoa bean, Cocoa butter, Organic Cane sugar.

73% Earl Grey

This Inclusion bar features cacao beans from Rio Caribe, Venezuela. The 73% dark chocolate base is complemented by premium earl grey tea and cardamom seeds to bring out the fruitiness of the beans and present an earthy finish.

Ingredients: Cocoa bean, Cocoa butter, Organic Cane sugar, Earl Grey Tea, Cardamom Seed.

75% Pistachio Saffron

This bar features Seboruco beans from Venezuela in a saffron infused dark chocolate base, garnished with Persian-style lime roasted pistachio. This bar presents the perfect balance between the silkiness of the chocolate & the crunch of the pistachio.

Ingredients: Cocoa bean, Cocoa butter, Organic Cane sugar, Pistachio, Saffron.



About The Brand

Kaaj Artisan Chocolate is a Vancouver-based craft chocolate company founded by four close friends. In 2020, during a time of global uncertainty, Fatima and Fakhteh took the leap to start their own business. Soon after, their partners, Mehdi and Sam, joined forces and together they brought Kaaj to life.

The company was incepted as a worker co-op, with democratic structure to ensure each member's voice is heard and their vote is taken into account, resulting in a fair and equitable workplace.

Since 2020, Kaaj has been dedicated to creating the finest artisanal chocolate and serving customers with pride. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, our chocolates are made with the finest ingredients and a passion for excellence.


Shipped & available for pick up from The Garden Strathcona in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All orders are packaged using recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable materials.