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Conscious Salt Soak


This salt soak helps to relax the body and gently detox your lymphatic system. Fill up the tub and pour in! Please enjoy after a stressful day, work out, during a cleanse, after a body scrub or dry brush. 

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Organic lavender (lavadula Angustifolia), Organic Roman Chamomile(Chamaemelum Nobile), Organic Orange(Citrus Aurantium), Organic Rosemary(Rosemarinus Officialis) and Organic Bergamot(Citrus Bergamia).

Organic Herbs: Calendula, Burdock, Astragalus, Mullien, Echinacea, Purpurea Root and Red Clover Blossoms.